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Divine blessings 24 is primarily a Reiki foundation with specialization in several more healing techniques and courses founded by Ms Anuppama Singh. Offering a wide range of selection to learners, with that said our foundation is very versatile and focuses on personalized learning based on the issue, discomfort as described by the client. Our experts also recommend the required healing techniques which are in the interests of the client.

Our foundation has been forefront in delivering quality edification and worldwide webinars on Reiki and many more courses to enhance quality of life at most affordable prices to benefit all. Divine blessings 24 aims to eradicate all sorts of superstitions about spirituality, age old false image of healers, belief in black magic ,planetary fears and horrors of negative forces leading people to believe in spirituality and it's importance. Divine blessings 24 also aims to make every home self-sufficient, a place where everyone is always healthy and sound through healing.

रेकी को घर घर लाना हैं, खुद से खुद की पहचान कराना है।
-Anupppama Singh

Our Salient features:

  • One to one live interaction with trainer.
  • Wide range of course selection based on your issues and suits you the best.
  • Sessions in slots so you can join at your desired time.
  • Course pdf's, recorded sessions and doubt slots provided.
  • Very affordable rates and best quality sessions.




Why Choose Divine Blessings 24?

Divine blessings 24 works with the sole motive of delivering quality content at affordable prices to enhance quality of life for everyone. We guarantee relief in chronic issues and offer best healing techniques as required,our sessions are versatile which favours your time and needs.

Anuppama Singh

Anuppama Singh is a Reiki Healer ,Swar vigyani and has done tremendous contribution in the world of healing.She has 7 years of experience in reiki healing and has been successfully running the Divine Blessings 24 Reiki foundation since the last 4 years. She is one the few healers in India who has mastered quick healing. Aside from Reiki and swar vigyan,she is known for many other spiritual courses with the sole motive of enlightening people around the world with Reiki and it's long list of benefits. Anuppama also wishes to spread her teachings for benefit of common people at lowest costs possible.


Divine blessings 24 offers a wide range of courses depending upon the choice and problems of the client. Our experts help you choose which course works well in your favours.

Divine blessings 24 offers:
- Reiki healing
- Swar vigyan
- Animal totem
- Vedic switch words
- Bach flower remedies
- Occassional remedies (valid for specific occasions according to lunar calendar)


With 7 years of experience and 4+ years of service, Divine blessings 24 has 4000+ happy clients and students all around the world. We aim to keep enlightening people with spirituality and help them connect with themselves.


Divine blessings 24 has hosted 10 events and 500+ live classes and 100+ free webinars with students enrolling around the world. With your co-operation we are willing to continue to do so and do the best work to benefit the mankind and nature.