Divine Blessings 24.

Through training workshops all over India and students from all over the world, Divine blessings 24 has over 3000 happy students with 500+ live sessions till now. Anuppama also aims to eradicate all sorts of superstitions about spirituality,age old image of Healers ,belief in black magic, planetary fears and horrors of negative forces leading people to believe in Spirituality and it's importance. She has done thousands of free healings and webinars for those in need.

Apart from this,

  • Anuppama Singh been a part of ngo aiming to eradicate female foeticide and animal cruelty.
  • She has exceptional love for the nature and regularly takes parts in afforestation programmes,animal rehabilitation centres and other social works.
  • She is well known in the community for her kindness.





What are they saying

Padma Ashwin


It has been only 3 weeks since you started healing and even then she is feeling great. She is still able to digest food well.

Jhumki Mitro


Dear aap ki baat par mai puri tarah sahmat hu.Aap jab bhi kuch shikhate hai to.. Jitni bhi fees hoti hai usse 100 guna jada milti hai shikhne ke liye.. Mai garb mahesush karti hu ki hume aap jaesi itni pyari teacher mili.. Ek guru mili jo gyan ki jyot se sab ki jivan ki aur man ki andhkar mita deti hai .Aap ko sat sat naman aur dher sara pyar.

Punam Karki


Pranam di.Thank you so much. Son's fever has been cured. Everything is possible if a Grand Master like you is with everyone..

Anju Sutar


में अनुपमा दीदी के लिए बोलना चाहतीं हूं कि वो जो भी सिखाती है समझाती है वो पुरा अन्दर तक दिल दिमाग तक पहुंचाता है। वो सुबह और शाम को हिलीगं क्लास लेते हैं। उसमें मन इतना शान्त हो जाता था कि अगले 24 घंटे तक फुल एनर्जी से भर जाती थी मैं ओर उसमें वो वज़न के लिए बोलते थे कि मेरा वजन 65 होगया है । दीदी आप को मालूम है मेरा वजन 74 से 68 पे आगया है ओर 65 पे भी जल्दी ही आ जाएंगा मुझे विश्वास है। Thanku so much didi|

Shruti Roy


After taking a lot of medicine, I got cured from my cold allergy by Swar Vigyaan. Thank you Anupama Didi.

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