There is always an animal energy in our subconscious mind which knowingly or unknowingly keeps trying to tell us our what's good for us what is not. When we keep ourselves connected with our inner self, then these animal energies subconsciously guide us and help us out. But today's time and our lifestyle have distanced us from nature. We have seen that every deity in Hinduism has an animal or bird which accompanies. Also many successful companies, organizations world wide have used animal symbols as their logos. Another example includes many tribes, religions worship animals and animal symbols associated with their lineage. This is animal totem, Animal totem tells us about significance of animals in our lives and how bonding with them can enhance our lives.

why opt animal totem ?

- Animal totem teaches you powerful affirmations to resolve your problems. Manifestation is universally the best way to programme your life
- Spirit animals are universally viewed as protectors.
- Understand roles of animal guides in your life, reconnect with nature