'Swar' in swar vigyan means the sound of the breath moving through the nostrils and 'vigyan' simply means science or to study. To put it simply Swar vigyan is the study of breath flow in relation to prevailing phases of the moon, it is then associated with your health, karma and many other aspects. swar vigyan primarily depends of the study of nadis in your body. There are 72,000 nadis in our body. These nadis are the source of energy, out of all 3 nadis are prominent for which Swar vigyan is studied.

Why opt Swar Vigyan?

- Breathing is the source of energy for all biological processes in our body, understanding the physiology of breath and how it can be associated with everyday life is beneficial
- Breathing properly alone can safeguard you from various diseases learning other arts like yoga also includes study of breath, considering swar vigyan before learning other forms can be helpful